Justin & Ann Kanagy

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Justin, Ann, and their son Garrett arrived in Ghana on August 7, 2018 to assume the position of Field Secretary for Charity African Missions.  Their daughter Jewel was born in Ghana January 2019.

The Field Secretary position includes:

  • Handling the mission paperwork and finances, including taxes, visas, quotas, resident permits, NGO registration, etc.
  • Hosting short-term guests on their way in or out of the country, or missionaries coming to Accra for events, shopping, medical needs, or other reasons.
  • Providing tech support and research/information in various areas.
  • Provide logistics assistance for travelers passing through Accra to the Northern mission “stations”.

Justin and Ann spent several years in Ghana while single and a few months while married in short term engagements. Both filled a logistics role with other missionaries during these short-term trips. In addition, Justin spent two years teaching English phonetics in a rural public school in northern Ghana. Justin was the secretary and treasurer for Charity Christian Missions in Pennsylvania for three and a half years prior to their move to Ghana in August.

While single and as married, they felt God’s call to serve in a role which aids the missionaries in their work. In January of 2015, the secretary position opened for Justin to serve as stateside secretary and logistics coordinator for Charity Christian Missions. This thrust both Justin and Ann into the work they felt God call them to. In accepting the role of Field Secretary for Charity African Missions, Justin and Ann know that God has brought them to yet another area of fulfilling the call to assist the missionaries that are active in church planting. Although not active in a church planting role, there are still many opportunities that they will have to share the Gospel.

Although the work of Field Secretary is not a church planting work, handling the important financial and governmental documents helps the missionaries stay active in their work of evangelism and church planting. Justin and Ann have agreed to serve one three-year term.

Prayer suggestions:

  • Pray for wisdom as they will face many different demands in this position.
  • Pray for grace as they work with government officials and paperwork.
  • Pray for health in a country with varying tropical diseases.
  • Pray for strength that they would be able accomplish God’s purposes through their lives.