Aaron & Gretal Ulrich

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October 2018

Hi. Thanks for your interest in what God is doing in Ghana among the Gonjas. 

How We Got Here

The Lord has worked in our lives and given us so much, we feel compelled to give our lives back to Him in grateful service. Aaron is the son of Ross and Cynthia. Gretal grew up in Sugarcreek, Ohio to parents, Paul and Miriam Miller. God crossed our paths while we were at Mountain View Nursing Home in Virginia to do nursing school. Nine months after graduating, we got married and lived in Reading, PA for a year. We asked the Lord about what He wanted us to do.

The opportunity opened up for us to serve in Ghana, among the Gonjas, and we and our authorities had peace about it. So we moved to Ghana in August, 2015 and our son Noah was born later that year. Our son Zed was born in December of 2018.  For the first two years, we focused on learning Gonja language and culture and transferring our nursing certification. During that time, God continued to increase our love for the Gonja people and a desire to see Him glorified among them.  

The GONJA People

The Gonja people number around 300,000 and are classified as unreached by the Joshua Project. Over half the tribe are Muslims and many practice traditional African religion as well. The Gonja kingdom is still ruled by an intricate chieftaincy system and is spread over a vast area of the Northern region.

We were privileged to witness the complete Gonja Bible dedication in early 2016. Since then, the Gonja Bible has also been recorded in audio – a wonderful thing since approximately less than ten percent can read. We also participated in the dedication of over five thousand 101 Bible Story books in 2017. We pray that God will use these resources greatly in reaching the Gonja tribe.

What We Do

We strongly believe Christ's command to go and make disciples. We have transitioned from full-time learners to disciple-makers. We moved to a rural village called Sheri, in January ’18. We believe God wants us to disciple people and families into groups that will make more disciples and form new groups of dedicated Christ-followers. Our goal is to work with the LORD to let the knowledge of His glory spread in an ever-widening circle.

Aaron volunteers at the village clinic. Both of us get called into people’s homes to give advice on various ailments when we are visiting in the village. We believe that God is using our physical service as a way of building trust that will make our message more credible.

To get more detailed news of what God is doing here, you may contact us at our email address below to request our monthly newsletters.

We’re very glad God brought us here and are grateful for people like you who support Christ's commission through prayer, giving and going. A big "Thank You" to our families, friends, and churches for your faithful support!

Contact Info:

If you’d like ideas of how you can better support the Gonja outreach or if you would like to come serve with us, please contact us using the info below or contact the mission directly through this website.

C/O Charity African Missions
P. O. Box TL296
Tamale, N/R GHANA.